Clenergy is a high-tech Sino-Australian founded enterprise in the global solar PV industry. We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and engineering of solar mounting gear for your next renewable energy site.

3 Core Business Divisions
With its genesis in Australia and foot print across the world, Clenergy has grown from being a boutique solar solutions provider into a passionate, globally renowned renewable energy company with nearly 500 employees and 7 offices around 3 continents.

Manufacturing and Distribution - Renewable Energy Products
Clenergy's products and services have become synonymous with quality and innovation, delivering a wide range of solutions to the global solar industry. Our mounting systems are industry benchmarks. To drive continued success we invest heavily in research, development, our people and clients. It's this approach that makes Clenergy a trusted long term partner with a reputation as a passionate expert in the renewable energy sector.

Solution Provider - Supplying to Solar Projects Globally
Clenergy is committed to locally delivering a wide range of products and services: local expert staff who answers your complex queries, managing local logistic companies who deliver products onsite, and local engineers who ensure that every industry standard and regulation is fully complied with. Our partners count on us before, during and after the installation. Clenergy is proud to support its customers and is committed to making the world a cleaner and more sustainable for future generations. Global Projects

Developing and building turnkey solar projects
Clenergy Global Projects GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary based out of Hamburg, Germany, permits prompt responses to global business opportunities, further enhancing our overall reach and international competitiveness.

This subsidiary engages in developing turnkey solar projects for investment purposes, recently having commissioned our project in Ganzlin, Germany which is now the Obton Solar Farm and our next upcoming project in Australia, The Metz project.

Clenergy Resources

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