Since 2005, Master Instruments has been proudly offering the Drypower suite of premium, smart battery solutions into the Australasian market.

Featuring Sealed Lead Acid & Lithium Iron Phosphate products, Drypower's expanded ranges offer a good - better - best option for most applications, now giving you the power of choice.

Backed by almost 30 years of OEM manufacturing experience, the Drypower Lead Acid & Gel ranges offer multi-purpose, deep cycle, motive power, high rate UPS and long life stand-by solutions for use in a multitude of applications. Utilising the latest in manufacturing technology, techniques and quality control in their Vietnam and Taiwan facilities, Drypower offers a competitive advantage over Chinese made competitors.

Safety & Performance is the focus for the Drypower Lithium (LiFePO4) range of products. Integrating the latest in safety components & circuitry to ensure reliable and extra long service life to provide exceptional return on investment.

Drawing from decades of experience in the rechargeable battery industry, Drypower is the new premium standard for performance and reliability for consumer, private enterprise, industrial, defence & government sectors.

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