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EnerSys is a stored energy solutions provider for industrial applications.

The CYCLON range utilises a rugged metal outer jacket offering strong protection from shock, vibration and extreme temperature.

Extremely thin, 99.99% pure lead plates offer more surface area and deliver far more power than conventional batteries. High purity acid is absorbed into Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plate separators for leakproof operation in any position. CYCLON batteries can be recharged in under an hour and perform remarkably well in extreme applications and temperatures – up to twice the capacity at -4°F (-20°C). A 50 PSI safety valve allows gases to escape and automatically reseals to prevent excessive gas accumulation or "dry out" failure from repeated recharges.

Enersys PowerSafe SBS batteries use Advanced TPPL technology for telecommunication markets.

While conventional Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)/ Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries struggle to cope with harsh conditions and frequent power outages, cutting edge TPPL technology makes PowerSafe SBS batteries the perfect solution for today's telecommunication networks. The batteries provide exceptional cyclic performance in float and fast charge applications, even in the hottest operating environments. Widely used in cable TV, emergency lighting, power generation and offshore applications, PowerSafe SBS batteries meet all SR4228 and NEBS level 3 requirements.

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