FDK Batteries

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One of the world's largest manufacturers of primary alkaline, carbon and lithium batteries, in 2010 FDK acquired large sections of what was part of Sanyo Mobile Energy taking up the factories producing Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and lithium primary / rechargeable batteries. As a result FDK are now the largest producer of consumer rechargeable AA/AAA NiMH batteries as well being one of the top makers of industrial NiMH under the well known Twicell label. The addition of the new lithium battery factory has further strengthened the company's offering to the global marketplace. FDK's decades of experience combined with world's leading Japanese technology provides market leading technology required by industry.

Master Instruments are proud to have been appointed the distributor for FDK batteries for the Oceania region. With direct links to the all FDK factories & their engineering support along with the largest stock holding in the region we can provide solutions for most battery requirements.

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