High Voltage Force H1-H2 Series

The Force H1/H2 is the latest version of High Voltage battery storage system, by Pylontech.

Using the same design elements as the Force L1/L2 series, this modular & stackable ESS solution provides simple installation, and flexible & scalable configurations from 144 to 384 volts and from 7.1 kWh to 24.86 kWh in capacity.

The "furniture type" design allows for indoor or outdoor installations, and are ideal for both large home and small commercial applications.

The Force High Voltage series are available in 2 footprints: H1 wider and lower or H2 narrower and higher, to meet all space requirements. This series is also compatible with many of the worlds best inverter brands such as GroWatt, Goodwe, Lux Power, Sungrow, Voltronic Power and more.

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