Low Voltage Force L1-L2 Series

The Force-L1 & L2 are a 48V DC modular stackable ESS (Energy Storage System) based on lithium iron phosphate battery technology

Its attractive "furniture type" design and IP55 rating makes them ideally suited for installation as a home energy storage system.

The Force L1 & L2 battery systems are designed to be installed without the aid of the inter-connection battery cables to significantly reduce the installation time. The basic module is 3.55 kWh cassette, with a 90% DOD, and is available in two shapes, the L1 wider and lower or L2 narrower and higher, to meet all space requirements.

The Force series is also compatible with over 30 of the worlds best inverter brands such as GroWatt, Goodwe, Victron Energy, Selectronic, Voltronic Power and more.

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