Solder Master

The Solder Master range of Lithium Ion, Battery Powered Cordless Soldering Irons are an Australian engineered professional tool designed to provide powerful, reliable & hassle-free soldering for a diverse array of industries.

The ergonomic body and fast heat-up makes Solder Master ideal for Telco's, Security companies, Auto electricians, Car stereo installers and many more.

Cord Free, Flame Free, Fuel Free & Hassle Free.

Solder Master gives you ultimate flexibility in soldering with a Lithium Ion battery powered soldering iron. Providing up to 270 minutes[1] use from a single charge - lasting up to one month with professional use. The Solder Master takes just 10 seconds to get up to temperature! Great for professional or handyman use; for those quick repair jobs to any general purpose soldering task.

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