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TYVA MODULOO are Battery Assembly Kits for custom build Modular LiIon/LiFePo4 Batteries.

Customised building blocks for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries – Smart Battery Innovation at its best!

TYVA MODULOO offers a Modular, Innovative 3 D Li-Ion battery that are reusable for life *

TYVA MODULOO breaks new ground in the way Li-ion batteries are assembled with its ready-to-use 3D modules, with the following benefits:

  • Quick and economical construction of batteries in the three dimensions by connecting the modules in series or in parallel.
  • Easier integration into new or existing products. It is possible to build battery systems from 40 Wh up to several MWh.
  • Multi-chemistry internal modular platform for 18650 cells: LFP, NMC, LMO and NCA.
  • Energy Range with an outstanding energy mass density (up to 180 Wh).
  • Power Range with permanently high discharge rates (up to 15 C).
  • Innovative wireless system for the mechanical and electrical assembly of the modules.
  • No tooling, development or industrialization costs.
  • No testing, qualification or certification costs.
  •  Integrated thermal dissipation system functioning with natural convection. For uses with high charge and discharge rates, it is possible to add an optional fan to improve thermal exchanges.
  • Batteries not requiring transportation as Class 9 materials and not considered hazardous. 

*This innovative, eco-friendly procedure allows for quick assembly and disassembly of the electro-chemical cells.

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