The XTAR range of chargers are made specifically for lithium ion single cell batteries used mainly in LED torches, vaping devices and other emerging products. Several chargers are also capable of charging lithium iron phosphate batteries whilst other models are multi-chemistry and also able to charge nickel metal hydride batteries.

Featuring independent channel, constant current / constant voltage charge control with auto shutoff the chargers are fast, safe and reliable.

Powering the chargers in most situations is easy with world voltage 100-240VAC and 12VDC power supplies included with most models whilst several models can be run from USB power sources.

View the XTAR charger comparison guide to compare the different features available.

The XTAR range offers LED torches featuring aircraft grade aluminium chassis fitted with high quality switches and reflectors with most models offering multi-function uses. The torches are complimented by each model being fitted with CREE® LED bulbs for maximum performance & efficiency. The top of the line models feature the new CREE® XM-L model LED bulbs with outputs of 800 lumens.

The Flashlight or Torch Range feature models from micro-size for key chain or purse storage, the D series pro-diving range, multi function land use models as well as a tactical model.

The range of uses are very wide with models suitable for military, law enforcement, security, police, diving, picture theatres, pest control, in flight airline services, night hunting and personal use.

The Mi Battery Experts series portable lighting batteries are manufactured with premium quality cells with most models using either Sanyo or Panasonic cells inside. These models feature very high capacity and superb cycle life (number of recharges).

All the lithium ion models are fitted with protection circuit models to ensure safe charging and usage.

The range also includes Sanyo Eneloop & primary lithium batteries that provide industry leading performance when used with LED torches.


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