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08 May 2012

Alkaline, NiMH, Lithium - What's best for me?

Many electronic devices, both consumer and specialised, operate on AA or AAA batteries. These two standard sizes are commonly available in several chemistries at widely varying prices that can cause the average consumer to ask the question; which one is right for me?

This depends on what types of devices you require the batteries for. The power demands of different devices vary from very low to very high. Some batteries are better suited to power devices with small loads (like wall clocks, remote controls and calculators), while others are best for powering devices with moderate to heavy loads (like digital cameras and power tools). 

The level of power required puts stress on the battery and affects the battery of each chemistry differently. Using the best suited battery for your purpose helps to ensure optimal runtime, better performance and reduced overall cost of running your device.

To learn more about the different chemistries and the effects of load levels on each type, click here.

All information has been referenced from the Battery University.

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