31 Jul 2012

Introducing Fujitsu Batteries

Master Instruments is proud to launch the Fujitsu brand of consumer battery products to the Australian, New Zealand and Oceania markets.

The Fujitsu range of consumer alkaline, carbon & lithium dry cell batteries will replace the previously stocked Sanyo & Mitsubishi brand equivalents in our consumer battery line up.

The FDK range of industrial NiMH & Lithium batteries will replace the previous Sanyo brand with model numbers remaining the same (as the Twicell NiMH & Tottori Lithium factories were transferred from Panasonic/Sanyo to FDK back in 2010).


Where did Sanyo Go?

Our company, for several decades, has been proud to represent in our region both Sanyo Mobile Energy & Panasonic Industrial batteries. In recent times Panasonic acquired Sanyo Electric Co with the main attraction being Sanyo’s lithium ion battery and solar technology. Since the acquisition, the Sanyo brand name has, and will continue to be retired for most products.


Brief History:

FDK Corporation (Majority owned by Fujitsu) are a Japanese electronic components and battery manufacturer that have been in operation since February 1st, 1950.

FDK are one of the largest portable battery manufacturers in the world and are therefore used as the supply source of these products sold by several leading global battery brands. Fujitsu consumer & industrial batteries offer superb quality, premium performance and outstanding longevity. FDK’s portable battery line-up includes both industrial & consumer Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cylindrical & coin type rechargeable cells and non-rechargeable dry cell alkaline, heavy duty carbon and lithium primary batteries.

Industrial batteries are sold under the FDK brand whilst Consumer batteries are sold in the globally recognised Fujitsu brand (made by FDK Group).


The Range Offer will include:

G PLUS High Tech Alkaline Blister Packs designed for high drain applications such as Digital Camera’s and Motorised Toys  Click here for more information

G Series Alkaline Blister Packs & Shrink packs are a premium grade alkaline cell for everyday applications. Click here for more information

Heavy Duty Blister Packs & Shrink Packs providing a budget solution for applications such as TV remote controls, clocks & household torches. Click here for more information


Or click the below links to see the 3 ranges.

G PLUS High Tech Alkaline Flyer

G Series Alkaline Flyer

Heavy Duty Series Flyer


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