29 Nov 2012

Enecharger Power Supplies

Master Insturments is proud to showcase the latest addition to the Enecharger product range.

These 4 multi-voltage power supplies will cater to a majority of applications though it's 6 interchangle DC plugs + female USB socket. Each DC plug connector's polarity can also be reversed as required.

The models are (click model numbers to be re-directed to product page):

MW3N06SA       3-12VDC   600mA Output (7.2 Watt)

MW3K10SA       3-12VDC   1000mA Output (12 Watt)

MW3R15SA       3-12VDC   1500mA Output (18 Watt)

MW3IP25SA      3-12VDC   2250mA Output (27 Watt)


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