27 Feb 2013

Industrial Grade Alkaline Batteries

Master Instruments has just added the Energizer branded product range to our Industrial Alkaline range .

With 3 quality brands available, you'll be able to satisfy your customers' requirements.


And, we do great deals on larger quantities! - Just speak to our friendly sales team...


Duracell Procell

PC2400             AAA size - 24 cells per box

PC1500             AA size - 24 cells per box

PC1400             C size - 12 cells per box

PC1300             D size - 12 cells per box

PC1604             9V size - 12 cells per box



EN92                  AAA size - 24 cells per box

EN91                  AA size - 24 cells per box

EN93                  C size - 12 cells per box

EN95                  D size - 12 cells per box

EN22                  9V size - 12 cells per box



LR03XW/2SK       AAA size - 40 cells per box (sold as 20pks of 2)

LR6XW/4SK         AA size - 40 cells per box (sold as 10pks of 4)

LR14XW/2SK       C size - 10 cells per box (sold as 5 pks of 2)

LR20XW/2SK       D size - 10 cells per box (sold as 5 pks of 2)

6LR61T/1SK        9V size - 10 cells per box (sold as 5 pks of 2) 


For more information on these models, please click the models numbers to be redirected to the individual pages. 

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