02 Jun 2014

Drypower Gel

Building upon the proven quality and excellent performance of Drypower AGM sealed lead batteries, MI is proud to introduce Drypower Gel

Drypower Gel

Deep Cycle for Motive Power


Gel batteries are renowned for their longer life in deep cycle applications such as electric scooters and golf buggies. But for most people, the cost for Gel is usually very high and there are limited brand options available.

Drypower Gel is now the attractive alternative for the discerning consumer by combining the superior performance characteristics of Gel whilst striving to make the cost more competitive.

The addition of the Gel battery range further enhances the wide range of AGM batteries also available from Drypower.

Drypower has solutions for battery power ranging anywhere from medical equipment, to mining, to keeping data safe or powering campers and caravans right across Australia and New Zealand.

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