15 Aug 2014


The ever popular Eneloop range is undergoing a re-branding exercise.

Panasonic is rebranding the range to coincide with the release of the next evolution of this product.


Master Instruments will be introducing the Panasonic product as we sell out of the Sanyo branded product. This will be a rolling change and these changes will be reflected on the website.

In short, the Sanyo Eneloop branded product will be sold out and replaced by the higher specification Panasonic branded product. And the Sanyo XX range will be re-branded as Panasonic Eneloop Pro!


View the changes to the product including model numbers and barcodes.

View the entire Panasonic Eneloop line-up


If you have any questions regarding this rolling change, or about the product itself, please contact our friendly sales team.


Thank you for your on-going support of this amazing product range and we hope you continue to support it into the future.

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