28 Nov 2014

Ansmann Battery Chargers

Ansmann’s innovative business model has delivered a range of Battery Chargers/Testers suitable for use in most situations from the household, right up to professional battery consumers and battery fleet managers.

This range of Premium Chargers & Testers are microprocessor controlled, come standard with a long list of safety features and are designed to provide the user with the best ability to gain maximum efficiency and life from their batteries.

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The premium Energy XC3000 flagship charger / tester caters to any high volume rechargeable battery user’s needs.
•    Multifunction LCD Display
•    Adjustable or Automatic charging currents
•    Capacity quick test function
•    Microprocessor controlled charge programs
•    Individual cell charge programming and monitoring
•    With the capability to charge:
•    1-8 AA/AAA cells
•    1-4 C or D sized cells
•    1-2 9V size cells
•    PLUS 3.6/3.7 & 7.2/7.4V Lithium Ion / Polymer battery packs!
Coupled with the ability to test all common Alkaline, Lithium, LiIon, NiCd/NiMH & Zinc Air cylindrical & coin cells, this unit is a real Battery management system.

Ansmann Energy 8 Plus Charger for 1-6 AAA / AA or 1-4 C / D and 1-2 9V rechargeable batteries with automatic refreshing function
•    Suitable for AA, AAA, C, D and 9V NiCd / NiMH cells
•    Capacity Quick test of inserted cells
•    Automatic Refresh and/or pre-charging program (if required)
•    Microprocessor controlled charge programs
•    Individual cell monitoring
•    All the safety features (alkaline detect / reverse polarity etc)
•    100-240VAC Worldwide Voltage input

The Powerline 4 Pro Traveller Intelligent charger with discharge function including USB charging socket. Comes with AC input with 4 international plug styles for use in many countries as well as 12V DC input for in car use.

The all-rounder among chargers - also for smartphones and mobile phones. Rechargeable batteries can not only be charged very quickly and safely, but with the ANSMANN multifunction charger Powerline 4 Pro, the capactiy (shown in mAh) can be checked too! The Powerline 4 Pro is also perfect for travelling. It can charge rechargeable batteries and USB devices worldwide and also on-the-move in a car or caravan.

•    Individual selectable charging programs for each charging slot:
•    CHARGE (Load)
•    DISCHARGE (Discharge & Charging)
•    REFRESH (Cycle of charging and discharging to refresh old batteries)
•    TEST (Fully charges battery - discharge battery and measures capacity - recharges battery)The selected charging program can be easily read on the LCD display
•    Microprocessor controlled charging and supervision of each cell
•    Individual monitoring of the following parameters: VOLTAGE (V) CAPACITY (mAh/Ah) TIME
•    hh:mm) CURRENT (mA)
•    4 AC adaptors included, Australia/NZ, Europe, USA, UK

Ansmann Powerline 8 Intelligent charger, with discharge function & USB charging socket.
•    For 1-8 AA/AAA (NiMH/NiCd) cells
•    USB Charge socket for charging external devices like Smart Phones and Tablets
•    Discharging of the batteries before charging is possible
•    Individual supervision of each cell Multi-coloured LED indicators show the battery status for each charging slot
•    Multiple over-charging protection per cell Automatic cut-off (-dV) & Trickle charging
•    Faulty cell detection / accidental alkaline insertion detection
•    Reverse polarity protection

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