18 Dec 2014

Lithium Transport Update

Effective today, Master Instruments is no longer able to ship Lithium Metal batteries (defined as primary or non-rechargeable lithium batteries) by air freight.

See Qantas customer information below.

This means ALL lithium metal batteries will have to be shipped by road freight and includes the following Chemistries:

·         LiMnO2                Such as 3V Lithium Coin cells (eg CR2032)

·         LiCF                     3V Cylindrical cells (eg BR-C)

·         LiSOCI2               3.6V Thionyl Chloride (eg LSH14, TL-5903)

·         Li-SO2Cl2           3.9V Sulphur Chloride (eg 3B0036-FF)

This ban also affects all battery packs made using any non-rechargeable Lithium Metal cells (eg. PLC batteries).


Please see update on shipping Rechargeable lithium batteries

This ban does NOT affect Lithium-Ion (rechargeable) batteries which can still be shipped by air freight at this point in time.

The absolute majority of user replaceable Lithium-Ion batteries (mobile phone, video, digital camera, Laptop, Scanner etc) can still be shipped by air freight.


To minimise any delays in shipping goods to you, we recommend dividing your orders to have all Lithium Metal batteries separate to any goods you need Air freighted.


Qantas Advice below:

UN3090 lithium metal battery restrictions extended to freighter aircraft

Effective immediately current Qantas restrictions on UN3090 lithium metal batteries are extended to cover both passenger and freighter aircraft.

Qantas Freight and appointed handling agents will no longer accept UN3090 Packing Instruction 968-1A, 1B and Section 2 lithium metal batteries for carriage on any Qantas Group aircraft, including our fleet of B747, B767 ,B737 and BAE146 freighters.

The requirements for UN3480 Lithium Ion Batteries (packed on their own) remain unchanged and can be carried in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Thank you for your attention.

Nick McGlynn
Head of Global Sales
Qantas Freight


Should you have any questions regarding this change, please speak to our sales team.

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