13 Apr 2015


Master Instruments now has the expanded Drypower Gel range in stock and all available to order…

Specially designed with rugged construction and built to last in deep cycle motive applications such as mobility scooters, golf buggies, forklifts and more…

The range spans 11 models starting from 7Ah to the 150Ah.

12GB7C                 12V 7Ah

12GB12C              12V 12Ah

12GB17C              12V 17Ah

12GB24C              12V 24Ah

12GB36C              12V 36Ah

12GB50C              12V 50Ah

12GB55C              12V 55Ah

12GB65C              12V 65Ah

12GB75C              12V 75Ah

12GB100C            12V 100Ah

12GB150C            12V 150Ah


Click here to view Cross Reference and Termination Guide



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If you haven’t tried the Drypower gel range of products yet, we urge you to do so…

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