26 Jun 2015

UN3480 LiIon Airfreight OK Again

Master Instruments is pleased to announce that we can now send UN3480 Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries via airfreight again!

With the recent bans imposed by Qantas and Virgin airlines (view our news article on this) our carrier, Startrack Express were unable to transport rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries (classified under UN3480).

We have since finalised arrangements with the TOLL Priority group who, with their own freighter aircraft are able to airfreight UN3480 rechargeable lithium batteries packaged in accordance with IATA regulations.

Effective from 1st July 2015, we will be offering 3 x Overnight Airbag sizes for shipments to a majority of Australian destinations.

Sizes are: 1KG Satchel, 3KG Carton & 5KG Carton

Freight rates available on request  

We trust you will welcome this initiative which alleviates the problem of long haul road deliveries for urgent battery products.

*Please note that UN3090 lithium metal (primary/non-rechargeable) batteries are not able to be airfreighted.


Please click here to view the latest Advisory Information from Toll Priority

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