16 Jul 2015


Introducing the LM High Power Series Lithium batteries from Saft.


The LM Series:

  • Provide an intrinsically safe spiral construction design for use in high power applications
  • 3 Volt operating voltage
  • Operating temperature of -40 to +70 deg Celcius
  • Non corrosive electrolyte
  • High pulse capability
  • Minimal voltage delay
  • Low self-discharge
  • Excellent resistence to passivation, even after long-term storage in uncontrolled temperature environments


The 4 models are:

LM17130   1/3A size    Coming soon

LM17500    A size      Click model number to open page

LM26500    C size      Click model number to open page

LM33600    D size      Click model number to open page


Saft Press Release:

Saft reinforces its leadership in advanced primary lithium cells

Saft has expanded its industry leading LM range of Li-MnO2 batteries for general industrial applications while boosting production capacity and consolidating the Friwo-M range into its core brand.

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Saft Lithium Battery Selector Guide:

A very usefull tool showcasing Saft's broad Lithium product range

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