25 Jan 2016

Drypower Lithium Golf Batteries

Drypower Rechargeable Lithium batteries provide exceptional power & performance in motorised golf buggies so you can focus on your game.

Durable and lightweight - weighing up to 60% less than its sealed lead acid (SLA) battery equivalent - Drypower batteries are suitable for use in carts and buggies from brands like Powakaddy, Litech, Parmaker, Ryder, Ezy Caddy and more.

Boasting superior cycle life with up to 7 times more recharge cycles than a SLA battery, Drypower will keep powering your buggy long into the future. What’s more, some models feature a Lotus charge port that allows you to recharge the battery without having to disconnect it from the buggy; so easy it’s perfect after a long day at your favourite course.

Tee-off with Drypower Rechargeable Lithium!

IFM12-230E2            12.8V 23Ah @ 5hr rate (approx 27-28Ah @ 20hr rate)    181 x 72 x 166mm
IFR12-160TB-Y        12.8V 16Ah @ 5hr rate (approx 18-20Ah @ 20hr rate)    168 x 128 x 75mm
IFR12-220TB-Y        12.8V 22Ah @ 5hr rate (approx 25-27Ah @ 20hr rate)    168 x 128 x 102mm
IFR12-300-Y             12.8V 30Ah @ 5hr rate (approx 35-38Ah @ 20hr rate)    175 x 175 x 112mm
            12.8V 40Ah @ 5hr rate (approx 45-48Ah @ 20hr rate)    195 x 165 x 175mm

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