04 Mar 2016

Weatherproof USB Outlet

Battery Fighter has been providing premium chargers and accessories to road warriors for years, ensuring riders are equipped with the best for their journey, whether it’s a cruise around town or a weekend trip down the coast.

Now riders can also charge their smartphone on the road thanks to Battery Fighter’s BFL11 weatherproof USB charge cable. Simply connect the BFL11 to a lead and ring terminal connector (BFL2 - included with every BF charger) fitted to the motorbike battery to instantly convert 12VDC power to 5V 2.1A max. USB output.

Suitable for charging phones, GPS devices and other USB powered electronics, you can now go on longer trips and be confident your smartphone and devices will never run out of power.


Model Number: BFL11 

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* A generic version is also available for download in the Merchandising area of the Account Login section of the website...

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