10 Mar 2016

Quick Charge 2.0

The latest smartphones and mobile devices are powered by batteries with increasingly higher capacities so conventional chargers no longer charge the device fast enough to suit a busy lifestyle.

Innovative Quick Charge (QC2.0) technology built into the latest AC and DC charge adaptors from Enecharger means you can fast charge QC2.0 enabled devices from flat to 60% in  as little as 30 minutes!

The Enecharger QC2.0 range of products are backwards compatible so are safe to use with older, non QC2.0 enabled devices while still charging your device faster than conventional chargers.

QC2.0 also charge iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus models 240% faster than using a standard iPhone charger!

QC2-DC1          Single output USB Adaptor for use in vehicle cigarette light sockets.
QC2-AC1          Single output USB Adpator for use in conventional household power points.
QC2-ACDC4     4 output USB powerhub (2 x QC2.0, 2 x high current) freeing up multiple household power outlets.
UEB-10             8Ah Dual output USB slimline portable power bank for quick charging on the move.

Check out the full range here
Download the A4 size brochure here

Click here to see the list of compatible devices (2 pages current as at Mar2016)

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