05 Apr 2016

Drypower Lithium Batteries

The Drypower Rechargeable Lithium - lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) - battery features the latest in portable power technology as a result of years of extensive research.

Drypower Rechargeable Lithium gives you batteries with superior performance in industrial or high drain applications featuring high energy output, deep cycle power, rechargeability with long service life, and portability. With Standard (E2) and Smart (E3) battery types and a multitude of termination options available, it’s easy to adapt a Drypower Lithium battery for many applications.

Switching to rechargeable lithium battery technology where traditional Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries are currently used eliminates the issues usually experienced with SLA batteries:- bulky, heavy and costly to maintain requiring regular servicing to prevent damage caused by deep discharge and prolonged storage.

The benefits of implementing Drypower LiFePO4 high performance batteries over SLA batteries include:

  • LONGER SHELF LIFE - Up to 3X longer than SLA.
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE - Up to +60°C discharge. SLA rated @24°C.
  • SUPERIOR CYCLE LIFE - Up to 2000 discharge cycles @ 80% depth of discharge!
  • FASTER RECHARGES - less than half that of SLA/VRLA
  • LONGER SERVICE INTERVALS - Once every 7-8 years.
  • ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHT - Up to 1/3 lighter than SLA/VRLA


All Drypower Lithium batteries feature In-built protections:

  • Cannot be over-charged or over-discharged
  • Current output limited to specific maximum (peak & constant)
  • Protection against incorrect charger use
  • Double Mosfet circuitry for each 3.2V section
  • Double Internal Fuse protection


With an array of Linking and SMBUS cables available, Drypower Lithium is a smarter choice.

Talk to the MI team about the Drypower Lithium range today.


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