12 Apr 2016

Ansmann Lithium Coin Range

Introducing the Ansmann range of Lithium Coin cell batteries.

This complete range is presented in individual blister cards and offers you a real alternative to the Panasonic and Maxell cards of 5 (where you tear off each battery when required), allowing for better stock control and product movement.

The range covers 16 models in total, starting at the CR1025 size and featuring all common sizes up to largest CR3032 size.

 Size  Model Number
 CR1025  1516-0005 CR1025-BP1  4013674074723
 CR1216  1516-0007 CR1216-BP1  4013674074730
 CR1220  5020062 CR1220-BP1  4013674074747
 CR1225  1516-0008 CR1225-BP1  4013674074754
 CR1616  5020132 CR1616-BP1  4013674075201
 CR1620  5020072 CR1620-BP1  4013674075195
 CR1632  1516-0004 CR1632-BP1  4013674075089
 CR2016  5020082 CR2016-BP1  4013674075218
 CR2025  5020142 CR2025-BP1  4013674074808
 CR2032  5020122 CR2032-BP1  4013674074396
 CR2330  1516-0009 CR2330-BP1  4013674075225
 CR2354  1516-0012 CR2354-BP1  4013674074761
 CR2430  5020092 CR2430-BP1  4013674075232
 CR2450  5020112 CR2450-BP1  4013674075287
 CR2477  1516-0010 CR2477-BP1  4013674075300
 CR3032  1516-0013 CR3032-BP1  4013674074785

The Ansmann range offers up to 10 years shelf life, and feature all relevant warnings regarding the dangers of children swallowing batteries.

Check out the range here!

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