06 May 2016

USB Voltage & Current Reader

Know what your USB ports are outputting with this fantastic in-line USB Voltage & Current reader from XTAR.

This easy-to-read digital display not only allows to you to monitor the output of your powered USB outlets, but also help in diagnosing poor charging performance from the USB ports on your Laptop/PC, Portable Powerbanks, and your 12V & 240V power adaptors commonly used to charge smart phones, tablets and many other electrical devices.

The display alternates between Voltage and Current at 5 second intervals



  • Sensitivity ±0.02V, ±0.02A
  • Working voltage: 4.5-6.0V
  • Test current: 0-2.5A

This is a great tool to have in store so you can test your customer's chargers etc

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