02 Aug 2016

MI Link is Active

Introducing MI-Link, Master Instruments' e-commerce platform.

MI Link is an e-Commerce portal available for all Master Instruments customers and is replacing the existing Account Login system (i.e you can no longer access the existing Account Login section).

The Master Instruments website has been the industry leader in Australia for many years now by providing comprehensive search functionality, easy to navigate layout and clear, concise and constantly updated product information. MI Link is the next phase.

In an effort to improve our EDI functionality and efficiencies in the supply chain process with our trade partners, we are inviting you to register for our MI Link.

As a current Master Instruments customer, you will have access to a bunch of great features, benefits and efficiencies through MI Link such as:
  • Live Pricing and stock levels in all 3 warehouses
  • Online Ordering & Quick Order Feature
  • Live order tracking including viewing backorders
  • Viewing Order History & Saved Pending Orders
  • Account Statement and Payment Gateway
  • Invoice and Credit Note tracking
  • Despatch Advice + Track & Trace Links
  • Full User Administration & Update Details

If you have not already received an invitation via email, please click this link and register for access .

Once the process is complete, you will have 24/7 access to MI!

If you have any questions about MI Link, please contact our friendly sales team.

If you're not a current MI customer, please contact Andrew Brett - [email protected] or (07) 5546 1676.
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