17 Jan 2017

Imos Ocean Gliders

A successful partnership between IMOS Ocean gliders facility in Perth and Master Instruments has significantly improved the efficiency of Slocum glider missions – at no extra cost.

The Ocean Gliders facility operates a fleet of autonomous underwater ocean gliders that undertake measurements from shelf and boundary currents in Australian waters.

"In a collaboration with Master Instruments, the team at the IMOS Ocean gliders facility set out to address these two issues. Together, they developed an innovative rechargeable battery pack that is likely to double the amount of data that can be collected by the glider fleet each year without any additional expense."

Daniel Rutkowski, a technical designer with Master Instruments, has enjoyed a long and rewarding relationship with the IMOS Ocean gliders facility.
“It’s been a great opportunity for us to be able to work on something so cutting-edge, and to be able to assist an Australian organisation. Transporting lithium batteries internationally has its challenges and therefore additional cost, so it makes perfect sense to manufacture these locally,” said Mr Rutkowski.

Master Instruments specialises in designing customised battery, charging and maintenance systems for a wide range of applications and industries. Whether you require a complete design-in solution, or a refinement of your current design, the engineering team at MI can provide options to accommodate you performance, ROI and cost criteria.

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