27 Jan 2017

Cadex C5100B Battery Analyser

Cadex C5100B Single Bay Battery Analyser and Store-front sorting tool for Lithium Ion batteries.

This great unit is the ultimate tool for your on-site testing, providing accurate battery analysisfor your customers batteries, or your own battery fleet. The C5100B removes the guesswork of low runtimes in a mobile phone and many other devices.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the C5100B provides either stand-alone, or PC integrated functionality, and features the latest patented QuickSort 4 rapid test program providing you a snapshot of a battery's health in just 4 minutes!

Featuring 4 Programs:

  • 4 Minute QuickSort™ test for 3.6/3.7V only. QS4 - patented rapid-test technology for batteries between 500-4000mAh that sorts battery state-of-health into two categories: Good and Poor
  • Charge - fuly charges in approx 3 Hours
  • Cycle - Charge / Discharge / Charge with capacity readout in mAh
  • Boost - Revive over-discharged batteries back to good health


Operating the C5100B is also as simple as:

  1. Connect the battery
  2. Select the rating
  3. Press the program key


C5100B KIT    Supplied with the Universal Rigid Arm Adaptor for use on multiple battery models

C5100B            Supplied as the unit only. You can choose from the massive list of available adaptors to suit specific battery models. (Perfect for a battery fleet manager)


Click here to download the C5100B Brochure

Click here to view the list of available adaptors

Click here to view the C5100 user guide


Watch the YouTube video for more information, or please contact any of the Master Instruments Sales team



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