23 Feb 2017

Heatshrink Kits

Whilst Master Instruments can supply heat shrink in various sizes and colour by the metre, getting the size selection right is not as easy as can be.

As such, we have introduced a couple of Heat shrink Kits, from Engineer Inc, that cover a variety of sizes in short lengths - perfect for doing battery pack repairs and other odd jobs!

The 3 kits are:

HSCTS-120     120 Piece kit of 2mm to 100mm @ 100mm lengths

HSDW-60         60 Piece Dual Wall kit of 3.2mm to 19mm @ 76mm lengths

HSBC-32         32 Piece Butt Connector kit for AWG10 to AWG22 gauge wire

Click the model numbers above to view the individual products or CLICK HERE to view our complete heat shrink range.

See the entire Engineer Inc range.


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