23 Mar 2017

Drone Battery Testing

Whether you're a commercial drone operator or weekend enthusiast, there is a lot of money invested in your equipment. So the last thing you want is for a battery failure to occur mid-flight!

Batteries used in these Drones are often Lithium Ion Polymer packs featuring high rate discharge cells - 20C and greater.

Testing these batteries under operating conditions is now much easier thanks to the CBA IV analyser from West Mountain Radio.

This cost effective solution not only provides you with a full PC Based discharge analyser capable of testing the majority of battery chemistries and sizes, but when paired with the CBA A2 500 Watt Amplifier, gives you the ability to do high rate discharge testing (similar to operating conditions).

And with the included software, it even allows you to record and overlay test results so you can monitor your fleet of batteries to ensure you load the right one into your drone before it takes flight.

Recently, Greg Gimlick - noted columnist and expert on electric model aviation wrote several columns in leading industry magazines using West Mountain Radio's CBA IV and companion 500 Watt Amplifier.
Check out the intro and article here


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