21 Apr 2017

Clever Buoy

Working with the team at Shark Mitigation Systems, the engineering team at Master Instruments has designed a battery for use with the Clever Buoy shark Detection System.

The Clever Buoy is deployed beyond the surf zone and uses state of the art sonar along with newly developed software, to scan for and identify different types of marine life. Once a shark is detected, the message is instantly relayed to life guards on the beach who raise the alarm.

With the endorsement of the WA State Government, this system has been used at City Beach in Perth for the past few months to great success, and was also used during the recent Margaret River Pro surfing event!

Shark Mitigation Systems provided their operating loads, voltage window and required run time to MI who were able to come up with a custom battery design which achieves the required performance and service life in a challenging environment and in the smallest size possible to fit the limited space in the buoy.

Whether your power requirements are small or vast, primary or rechargeable, the team at Master Instruments can provide tailored solutions to meet your budget and performance criteria. We also provide battery testing, monitoring and fleet management systems to allow you to gain the maximum bang for your buck.


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