16 May 2017

Tekcell Factory Fire

Due to a fire in the Vitzrocell Factory in late April, stocks of the Tekcell lithium branded products will be available while stocks last.

Whilst Vitzrocell (the manufacturers) are working to restore their production lines, we anticipate Tekcell products will be unavailable for up to 12 months.

As an alternative, we currently have Saft and Tadiran brands which offer the majority of sizes, and in most cases be a direct replacement for Tekcell fitments. Should you need assistance in cross-referencing these, please talk to our sales team.

As you know, with the Lithium transportation laws as they are, stocking the right products is key for high volume models. I would encourage you to check your own purchases/usage/sales of this range and forecast your requirements in order to secure stocks and reduce delays.

Please keep in mind that with Tekcell products being unavailable for this period, demand on the Saft and Tadiran brands will also be affected.

We will keep you posted as news develops.

Click here to view affected Tekcell range

Click here to view Saft range

Click here to view Tadiran range


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