15 Jun 2017

Super J500 Jump Starter

The raft of battery powered jump starters available on the market today all suffer the same challenges... They all need some level of maintenance.

They all need to be charged prior to use and "topped up" after longer periods of storage, they can't be shipped easily, and can be quite heavy in some formats.

The Super J500 from Battery Fighter alleviates all of the above issues in a compact and simple to use unit.

Model Number:   SC500F


Utilising ELDC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) technology, or the more common name Super Capacitor, you have a unit that requires no pre-charging, no on-going maintenance and is a non-perishable product - meaning it will always be ready for you in emergency situations!

A super capacitor jump starter differs from traditional battery powered jump starters in that it has no internal battery at all. If you have ever experienced a zap of static electricity from friction with carpet, a super capacitor works in a similar way. As jump starting a vehicle only requires a short surge of reasonably high energy discharge, this makes super capacitors suitable for use in a jump starter.

The SUPER J500 provides 500 Amp cranking power output.

Designed for automotive and marine 12V applications with petrol engines up to 5.0L and diesel engines up to 3.0L*, the SUPER J500 makes vehicle jump starting quick and easy.  *The SUPER J500 may not be suitable for certain Diesel engines that require high power to activate the vehicle’s glow plug. Please refer to vehicle manufacturer’s instructions before using.

The SUPER J500 can be charged in no time at all via direct connection to a 12V battery, or a 12V cig. outlet – it takes less than 180 seconds! It can even be charged up from USB power (5V 2.0A) like via a powerbank (<25 minutes charge time).

Additionally, the SUPER J500 is designed with:
•   Overload protection
•   Reverse polarity protection
•   Over charge protection
•   Over temperature protection
•   IP65 rated dust proof and water resistant
•   Flame retardant housing

All built in safety features allow for easy and safe operation.

Click here to download the Brochure and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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