14 Sep 2017

Rechargeable Solution for Arlo Cameras

With the popularity of the Arlo home security camera systems on the rise, many people havent considered the ongoing costs associated with replacing the batteries used in these great little devices.

As they come supplied with disposable CR123A size batteries (usually 4 in each camera), replacement costs can quickly add up!

But alas, we have a recharegable solution to suit!

The XTAR MC4 battery charger and the TB-16340IC07-BP1 (*4 cells per camera) protected lithium-ion cells.

This pair provides a cost effective, safe and relaible solution for use with these cameras, adding to the peace of mind a home security system provides...

For more information on each product, please click the below links:

Click here - XTAR MC4

Click here - TB-16340IC07-BP1


*Please note that the MC4 charger and TB-16340IC07-BP1 single cells are sold individually and separately.

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