26 Oct 2017

Works with Arlo

They're here, and just in time for Christmas!

Master Instruments has just taken delivery of the Tenergy branded Charger & Battery kits, and replacement Batteries, for use with the Netgear Arlo wireless security camera systems.

These are Arlo Endorsed products that provide a cost effective rechargeable solution for users of these cameras.

The 34154 Charger & Battery Kit come with:

  •  a 1-4 cell 1.0A AC Tenergy battery charger
  •  featuring easy to use LED indicators
  •  high charge efficiency and speed
  •  built in safety features such as reverse polarity protection
  •  a 100-240V wold voltage AC adaptor (can be used in other countries with a suitable plug converter)
  •  4 x Tenergy RCR123A protected cells that can be recharged up to 500 times

And for those with more than 1 camera, or want a 2nd set of batteries on hand to reduce downtime, we have the 34153-BP4 battery kits featuring 4 x Tenergy RCR123A 650mAh rechargeable cells.


Both products proudly wear the "Works with Arlo" icon, giving your customers further piece of mind.


Converting your ARLO customer across to this rechargeable solution will provide reliable performance and cost savings well into the future.


Click here to view the flyer

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