17 Apr 2018

Smart Battery Sense

Ensure your batteries are being charged at the most optimum rate with the new Smart Battery Sense sensor from Victron Energy.

With voltage and temperature sense in place, batteries will be better charged; improving charging-efficiency and prolonging battery life.

As this product measures voltage directly from the terminals, any errors arising from voltage loss due to cable resistance is avoided, guaranteeing you the correct charge voltage everytime!

Lead acid and lithium batteries work in different ways, therefore different charging habits are required. With the Smart Battery Sense, battery temperature data is used to allow optimal charge accordingly and protect them from any permanent damage to the cells.

The connection between the Smart Battery Sense and one (or more) solar chargers is wireless. It uses bluetooth technology to communicate between devices and can be set up easily on the VictronConnect app.

  • Voltage sense/ Temperature sense
  • Measures batteries voltage and temperature
  • Optimises charge parameters
  • Mount on battery and wire red and black to terminals
  • Link battery sense to battery with VictronConnect app


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