20 Aug 2018

New From Victron

Keeping an eye on your battery charge status is now even easier with the 2 new Battery Indicator products from Victron Energy

These great products provide you a visual indication, without having to open the Victron Connect App on your phone.


Suitable for Flooded, Gel or AGM Lead acid batteries, the 3 LED indications are simple to follow:

  • Green        Battery 80%-100% charged

  • Orange      Battery 60%-80% charged - May need a top-up charge

  • Red           Battery 40%-60% charged - Battery needs charging

  • No Light    Battery less than 40% - Charge now to avoid sulphation!


The Battery Indicator Eyelet comes with 8mm eyelets to attach to the battery terminals, and a 30Amp fuse. Simply plug your charger into the indicator housing to start charging your battery.
MI Model:   VECIP65-BIE
Inv Code:   64900-207M8
Victron Model: BPC900120114

The Battery Indicator Panel allows you mount it into a panel or dashboard. If you dash-mount this, you can plug the charger directly into indicator panel without having to open your car bonnet!
MI Model:    VECIP65-BIP
Inv Code:    64900-206M8
Victron Model: BPC900110114

With mimimal current draw (0.9mA) these indicators are an ideal addition to your charging setup.


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