15 Feb 2019

ICS1 Battery Guardian

Introducing the new ICS1 Battery Guardian from Enecharger


This great new fully automatic battery charger & maintainer is designed for charging all types of 6 volt and 12 volt lead-acid batteries - such as Wet (flooded), GEL, Maintenance Free, VRLA and AGM types.

1.0Amp output means it's perfect for charging smaller capacity batteries (up to 20Ah) but still capable of maintaining batteries up to 100Ah.

Automatic voltage detection means it can be safely used on 6 or 12 volt batteries with no manual switching or mode selection required - Plug and play. This also eliminates having to stock multiple charger models.

As with all Enecharger products, the ICS1 Battery Guardian is safe. It has reverse polarity protection and has a spark proof design to ensure safe operation.

There are 3 variants available:
ICS1            supplied with alligator clips and ring terminals - perfect for charging and maintaining Motorcycles, Jetski’s etc
ICS1-F1      supplied with 4.8mm spade terminals
ICS1-F2      supplied with 6.35mm spade terminals

The ICS1 featured the Constar/SAE connector which is compatible with the BFL lead range. Click here to view

This charger range will replace the Battery Fighter models Battery Fighter Junior BFJ006/012, Battery Fighter Mini BSE1210-INT, BF Mini Duo BSE120506-INT; and Powertech models MB3516, MB3517 & MB3518

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