29 Apr 2019

MI @ 2019 SMBE

James Bloemen represented Master Instruments at the 2019 SMBE Training Seminar in Orange NSW

SMBE - The Society for Medical and Biomedical Engineers, hosts an annual conference for biomedical engineering personnel to meet and discuss common issues affecting their services with the hospitals, attending specialist training sessions on current and emerging technologies and to develop networking contacts.

As an exhibitor, James showcased some of our Medical Battery solutions, Test Instruments, specific chargers, Cordless Soldering Irons, and Battery Anaylsing products.

He had the CBA IV Pro running a live discharge test on 7Ah Drypower LiFePO4 IFM12-75E3, with the discharge graph displayed on the a laptop. Simultaneously running on this same laptop was a an Auto Test via the Cadex C7400ER on Batteryshop and Rigid Arm Adapter. The LiFePO4 IFM12-75E3 was charged between tests on the 7A output Victron VECIP65-12/7, highlighting the fast charge capability of LiFePO4.

There was plenty of interest in Cadex, CBA Analysers, specific medical battery pack adaptors, and smart medical batteries.

Showcasing our capabilities at such events, provides valuable insight for people within the medical fields and a known avenue to turn to.

If you'd like more information about our expansive range Medical battery solutions, and/or our battery analysis solutions, please contact our friendly sales team.


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