22 May 2019

Batteries in a Portable World

For those who want to understand batteries more, we recommend reading "Batteries in a Portable World" by Isador Buchman - founder and CEO of Cadex Electronics Inc.

Amazon's synopsys:

Manufacturers base the performance of electronic devices on a perfect battery, a condition that only exists when the battery is new. By reading Batteries in a Portable World, you will acquire a better understanding of the strengths and limitations of the battery, learn about different battery types and discover what conditions are best for a battery. The book is easy and entertaining to read and makes minimal use of technical jargon. It addresses the busy professional who needs a crash course on batteries; the engineer who searches for a battery to kick-start a product; the student who seeks answers for an academic project; as well as the everyday battery user who wants to learn how to extend the life of a battery


If you are interested in the world of batteries, then this book is a great reference source.

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