09 Apr 2020

Procell Update

Introducing the new Procell range from Duracell.

Procell, globally, has been rebranded with a new look and feel, a return to more manageable inner and outer carton sizes and have introduced a new High Drain variant called INTENSE!

According to Duracell, Procell branded specific alkaline batteries are designed for, and marketed to the professional end-user. Their device specific design, performance and brand differentiates them from the Duracell branded general purpose batteries which are targetted to consumers.

Procell branded alkaline batteries are designed for lower drain, lower cut-off voltage devices such as remote controls, wireless keybards, mice, smoke and CO2 detectors. When compared to previous procell products, the new procell can deliver up to 11% longer run-times.

Procell Intense:
Procell Intense branded device speficific batteries are designed for high drain, high cut-off voltage devices such as wireless door locks, battery operated safes, security cameras, devices with large LED screens, high lumen flashlights, blood pressure monitors and devices with electric mortors. Intense can deliver up to 30% longer run-times vs previous Procell products.

Master Instruments will be introducing the new range on a rolling basis as we sell through the current stocks. The website will be updated to reflect these changes as they occur.

Inner Outer
 AA 24
 AAA 24
 PC1400  C 12
 PC1300  D 12
 PC1604  9V 12 72
 Procell Intense
 PX1500  AA 24
 PX1400  C 12
 PX1300  D 12 72


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