14 Oct 2020

New IP65 Blue Smart Models

Master Instruments - the House of Victron, has just secured the 1st batch of the new IP65 Blue Smart chargers and these are now available to purchase.

The 2 new models are suitable for larger batteries and are the perfect solution for most home workshops:

Both chargers slot into the Blue Smart family and feature:
  • The same bluetooth connectivity - via the VictronConnect App
  • Come supplied with ring terminals and alligator clips as standard
  • Connect with the other leads and accessories such as the Battery Indicator Eyelet, Adaptors to Anderson Plugs and Cigarette lighters etc
  • Feature Victron Energy's renowned 7 Stage charging algorithm
  • 95% Charger efficiency rating
  • Abilty to recover deeply discharged (dead) batteries and partially reverse sulphation
  • Low power mode for smaller batteries (12V/25A @ 10A, 24V/13A@ 4A)
  • Power supply mode
Click the links below to view the product pages:

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MI Model Number:
MI Inventory Code:
Victron Model:
12V 25A Fully Automatic SLA/LiFePO4 charger with in-built bluetooth


MI Model Number:VECIP65-24/13
MI Inventory Code:
Victron Model:
24V 13A Fully Automatic SLA/LiFePO4 charger with in-built bluetooth

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