23 Oct 2020

Pylontech RV12100

The Pylontech RV12100 is the all-purpose Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery specifically designed for Deep Cycle applications used in 4x4, RV, Motorhomes, marine power, golf carts and solar storage.

The very handy On/Off switch provides users a level of control, allowing them to isolate the batteries when not in use; and the LED State of Charge Indicator also provides instant visual feedback.

Housed within a rugged glavanised case and the ability to use 2 in series or up to 8 in paralllel, the RV12100 is adaptable to most applications.


  •    Over 3000+ cycles to 90% DoD - excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to SLA equivalent
  •    Twice the usable capacity of SLA equivalent - up to 100% DoD compared to 50% DoD
  •    Connect up to 2 in series (12V or 24V 100Ah) or 8 in parallel (12V 100Ah up to 800Ah) configurations
  •    Auto balancing function when used in parallel configurations (see manual for technical details)
  •    On/Off button to isolate the batteries when not in use
  •    Large State of Charge (SOC) panel with LED indicators for quick and easy capacity checks
  •    Additional features including:
    • Lightweight at just 14.05kg (vs 30kg 100Ah SLA)
    • Zero maintenance due to very low self discharge, no fluids to top up and no risk of sulphation
    • Rugged galvanised case enhancing durability
    • UN38.3 approved for faster dispatch across Australia
    • Use in any orientation.
 RV12100 Brochure  Click to view the Pylontech RV12100 Brochure
 RV12100 Webpage  Click to view the Pylontech RV12100 Page
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