27 Apr 2021

Pylontech US2000 Performing Well

ITP Renewables has released the 10th Public Lithium Ion Battery Testing Report. 

ITP Renewables (ITP) is a global leader in energy engineering, consulting and project management, with expertise spanning the breadth of renewable energy, storage, efficiency, system design and policy. ITP are proud to be part of the international ITP Energised Group-one of the world's largest, most respected and experienced specialist engineering consultancies focussed on renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change.

Established in the United Kingdom in 1981, the Group was among the first dedicated renewable energy consultancies. In addition to the UK, it maintains a presence in Spain, Portugal, India, China, Argentina and Kenya, as well as ITP offices in Australia and New Zealand. Globally, the Group employs experts in all aspects of renewable energy, including photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal, marine, wind, hydro (micro to medium scale), hybridisation and biofuels.

Supported by a $1.29m grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency under its Advancing Renewables Program. ITP Renewables (ITP) is currently testing the performance of Australian residential and commercial-scale battery packs in a purpose-built, climate-controlled enclosure at the Canberra Institute of Technology. The aim of the testing is to independently verify battery performance (capacity retention and round-trip efficiency) against manufacturers' claims. This report describes testing results and general observations or issues encountered thus far for each battery pack.

Pylontech US2000
While many battery packs have experienced faults and/or failed prematurely, the Pylontech US2000 which was ranged from Phase 2 has had no operational issues and retained over 80% of its initial capacity after nearly 2,000 cycles in line with Pylontech specifications.

Since its inclusion in Report No. 3, The Pylontech US2000 has continually rated as one of the best performing batteries showing excellent capacity retention after a high number of cycles.

2021 has seen an average of 900 weekly views of the test website. Pylontech is currently rated as the most viewed battery on this site

Master Instruments are Authorised Distributors of the Pylontech range in Australia.
Along with the Tested Pylontech US2000, we also range the full suite of Pylontech Low Voltage Battery systems which also includes the

  • US3000, US3000C & Phantom-s rack mount batteries
  • Force-L1 and Force-L2 Home & SME ESS storage solutions

All these Pylontech batteries have the identical cell structure, BMS architecture, communication protocol and interface and are designed to meet the same performance characteristics as the US2000.


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