02 Jun 2021

CBA Analyser Software Update

West Mountain have released the latest version of the Battery Analyser software to the market with some big improvements to the functionality and display!

Version: V3.1.3.29

Major improvements include:

  • More battery chemistries added
  • Ability to use multiple CBA units on the same test to increase load
  • Major visual update
    • New menu ribbons
    • More modern look and feel
    • Repolished test status reporting boxes
  • Improved test usage & start operation making it easier to start a test quickly with automatic tracking of test & filenames
  • New Internal resistance measurement included (extended)
  • Ability to turn quickly turn on the load with a dynamic test and adjust it for lab tests
  • Improved label printing including the use of DYMO Printers and ability of include logos and customise the label contents
  • Summary tables added for life-cycle testing
  • An Overview window has been added to monitor the status of multiple tests at once
  • A Self-test function added to quickly diagnose hardware problems with the CBA unit
  • Ability to simulate the expected results of a discharge test
  • Able to monitor for SW updates from About Me
  • Improved diagnostics and allows users to report issues seamlessly
The CBA range of Battery Analysers from West Mountain Radio are an economical and easy to use solution for a vast array of industries and applications. If you rely on the performance of the batteries in your equipment, the CBA analysers can identify products nearing end-of-life to reduce instances of battery failure and subsequent disruptions to your business. Talk to Master Instruments about how a CBA Analyser can help you.
Product Links
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