29 Sep 2021

Enecharger Lithium Battery Guardian

Introducing the brand new Enecharger Battery Guardian - Battery Charger and Maintainer for LiFePO4 batteries!

This fantastic new addition to the Enecharger range is a fully automatic 6 stage charger designed to charge 6 Volt (6.4V) or 12 Volt (12.8V) batteries commonly found in motorcycles, personal watercraft and ATV applications.

The fully automatic functionality means you can set & forget, knowing the charger will switch to maintenance mode once charging is complete.

Model Number: ICS1.5LF


 Auto Voltage Detection: Automatically detects if the battery is 6 or 12 Volts
 Plug & Play: Supplied with both Ring Terminals and Spade Terminal connectors to a Constar SAE quick-connect plug for fast and easy connection to the charger.
 Charge: LiFePO4 batteries of 1.5Ah to 30Ah capacity
 Maintain: LiFePO4 batteries of up to 60Ah capacity
 6 Stage Charge Algorithm: Specifically designed for Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 batteries *not suitable for SLA batteries
 Fully Automatic: Once the battery is charged, charger switches to maintenance mode
 LED Charge Indicator: Provides instant feedback on current charges status (Red/Green/Blue)
 Built in Safety: Protection against reverse polarity and spark proof casing
 Click here to visit the Enecharger Battery Guardian ICS1.5LF product page
 Enecharger ICS1.5LF Product Flyer Thumbnail Image  Click here to download the Enecharger Battery Guardian ICS1.5LF A4 Flyer
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