14 Feb 2022

Introducing Victron Energy's new Power Sports Charger

They're finally here and we are super excited to launch the brand new, long long long awaited multi-voltage charger & maintainer from Victron Energy.

Set on the very solid platform of the hugely popular BlueSmart IP65 range, this new 6/12V SLA & Lithium battery charger & maintainer provides a versatile solution to charging smaller batteries, and the perfect addition to any garage.

Unlike the other Blue Smart IP65 chargers, this new model is fully VictronConnect App. controlled. Whilst the chargers come with the default setting for standard 6V & 12V Lead Acid batteries (App is not required if these settings are suitable), changing current, charging mode adjustment and battery chemistry can be done very easily inside the App. Plus real time monitoring to ensure your batteries are kept in optimum condition.

Auto-Voltage detection (6V/12V), 1.1A (with 500mA low power mode), auto-switching to storage mode and supplied with 3 termination options, this new Blue Smart IP65 charger is perfect for use with power sport batteries found in Motorcycle, Personal water craft and similar applications.


6V/12V Multi-voltage
Suitable for use with 6V and 12V batteries with auto voltage detection so no manual selection required.


Lead Acid & Lithium
Preset charge profiles for all types of Lead Acid and Lithium (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries making this charger a versatile addition to any garage.


Bluetooth / App Controlled
This fully App controlled charger provides real-time monitoring and setting adjustment. Monitor your battery status from the comfort of your lounge...* (must be within Bluetooth range)


Plug & Play
3 termination options to make connecting the charger simple. Ring terminals for batteries in hard to reach places, Power Port for those vehicles with this option, and alligator clips for secure connection to battery terminals.


Fully Automatic
Bluesmart's charge profiles automatically switch from charge to storage mode to ensure your battery is kept at optimum level, extending service life.


Small & Compact
Compact & Robust IP65 rated, dust & weather proof casing with easy to read LED charge status indication.

Master Instruments has exclusive supply of this charger for an initial short period and will be promoting this to the market in coming weeks. Point of sale and marketing materials will be available to support and all feature QR codes pointing to a standalone consumer webpage.


5 Years Warranty

If you have any questions please contact our friendly sales staff.

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