30 Aug 2022

VictronConnect Updates

VictronConnect AND VRM Apps have new features!

Victron Energy have made some very useful additions to their extremely popular VictronConnect and VRM App’s

Widgets are a handy tool for smartphone users to quickly view App information on their home or daily view screen. Victron Energy have now added a widget function to do just that.

Live Broadcasts:
This great new feature allows you to view all required system information for all of your Victron Energy products in the one spot. Previously, users had to go into each device separately to access this information.

Stored Trends:
Viewing historical data is now much simpler with the Trend Graphs feature added to the VictronConnect & VRM Apps. With up to 46 days history (*6 months for the Smart Battery Sense), you can view your historical system performance to ensure your operating at the most efficient level.

With Victron Energy’s constant drive to improve their products, these new features are a welcome addition to their already very useful Apps.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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