14 Sep 2022

Sunswift 7 & MI

Master Instruments is a proud partner of UNSW's Sunswift Racing project

Sunswift aim to push the future of sustainable transport through the research and development of solar electric vehicle technology. Sunswift have been at the forefront of electric vehicle innovation since its inception in 1996, having broken numerous world records and pushed the boundaries of EV development. Now on their seventh-generation vehicle, Sunswift 7 launched in June 2022 and will soon attempt to break yet another world record - the fastest electric vehicle over 1,000km on a single charge - with the team hoping they can achieve an average speed of over 120km/hr. Having honed their skill in years past competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the Sunswift team have set their sights on bigger things.

Weighing in at under 500kg and with a highly aerodynamic shape featuring a drag coefficient of just 0.095, the Sunswift 7 can travel over 1,200km on a single charge. In comparison, a Tesla Model S weighs almost 2,000kg and has a drag coefficient of 0.208. A great deal of care has also been taken to reduce rolling resistance as much as possible by using ultra-efficient bearings and tires.

"Let's remember, these are not the best paid professional car makers in Stuttgart working for Mercedes. This is a bunch of very smart amateurs who have taken all the ingredients and put it together in a brilliant way."

- Prof. Richard Hopkins, Sunswift team principal

Master Instruments has been an integral partner of the Sunswift Racing project since 2018 building and supplying the battery that powered Sunswift team's 6th vehicle to a world record for the lowest energy consumption while driving across Australia. MI have provided financial support along with critical battery and engineering expertise to the project, while also providing students with the opportunity to work in our battery engineering lab to gain invaluable industry experience. Being at the forefront of battery technology for over 40 years, Master Instruments provides expertise in not only performance and efficiency, but also in the important area of safety.

"We want to be known as innovators, but also to help build something here in Australia. We don't want to teach great students just to have them get on a plane to work for prestigious companies in other countries."

- Prof. Richard Hopkins, Sunswift team principal

As an Australian family owned and operated business, Master Instruments is proud to provide guidance and training to assist the next generation of students, and cultivate our home-grown talent.

Find out more at Sunswift.com or UNSW.edu.au. Or follow the project on social media:
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